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Many times promo products are used and most people don't even realize it. The pen with a company logo or name on the side of it, a mug with the same these are the types of advertising that come under this heading. Why do companies do this? Because these products work. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make them effective. Making the buying public aware of your company is what you are trying to achieve with your marketing campaign. This is where these products will help you achieve your promo goals.

Promo products are another avenue in advertising rather than spending big money on billboards or TV ads. When your customers are happy with your service, and you use giveaways as a thank you for their business, you can see the power of this type of campaign. Subconsciously recipients use these products and remember the company's name and maybe even the phone number. They can be one of the greatest advertising tools you can use.

These gifts are inexpensive but very effective. As many companies will attest this is the key to using these products. To help increase sales or bring in foot traffic these items are proven winners. With a little work, you do not have to spend extra they will make sure to spread the word.

The best thing about these types of branded items is they do not take too much effort and very little time to make them work. Decide on a product or products, put your company logo in a prominent place on the product and your job is halfway done. Try to choose items that have a large area for your logo this will allow for your brand to have a better chance of being seen. Hats, mugs, mouse mats, conference bags, tote bags, umbrellas are some good choices to use if you want large areas for branding.

The next step is to figure out how many of these giveaways that you need. Order only as many gifts as you need. Trying to store extra would just add to the costs because of the storage room that you need. With this being said distributing these is the next step. These need to be distributed to the buying public or existing customers. These can be distributed to existing companies when they buy a product from you, or can be handed out in person by you or someone in your company with a thank you for patronizing your company.

Promo products tell your customers that you appreciate their business and your clients will realize it. These products are the perfect solution to bring in new business and clients.

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